A professional approach in a fun environment.


We revolutionize the world golf coaching by combining private lessons and marine environments.


 A dedicated and committed coach will work with you on all aspects of the game including mental, physical, technical and personal.


Each lesson is individually designed and takes place in the most world exclusive locations.


Blue is the new green


We practice golf in any marine environments (beaches, creeks, river shores, lakes,...) . It's ecological and ideal for playing on seafront where there is no golf facilities.


Our golf lessons use:


- Ecological and biodegradable balls. We use patented balls which are the first golf balls biodegradable releasing natural fish food in less    than 48 hours. Balls' performance is perfect in terms of impact, trajectory and parabola. 


- Floating targets. We propose several distances adapted to your goal, the trajectory and the weather conditions.  


Ergonomic golf mats. Specifically designed for use on the deck of a yacht (markless and anti-fatigue).


- Golf swing analyzer software. For any golfers to analyze in details and improve their swing. 


- Private golf teacher. We offer individual tailor-made lessons that give players an opportunity to work on areas of particular interest or    concern (swing, putting, short game,...). 


- Wide selection of golf irons for use by women, men, left-handed as well as right-handed players. 


Golf shot distance calculator. We use this tool to record and measure the distance for each of your golf clubs.


Beaches are the best places to learn to love the sand and don't fear bunkers. We will teach you good bunkers technique, short and long game. Experiment and discover the benefits of playing golf in front of the sea.